Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Elephant Comes to Life!

Look! Look! Look! I made an elephant!

The other day, I mentioned that I was excited to make Peanut, the Wee Elephant but bummed because the pattern was missing from the library book. But Look! I did it! I used the pictorial that Amy was awesome enough to post (Thanks, Amy!) and pieced together the elephant based on her pictures plus some math and guesswork. The elephant ended up being a bit smaller than the 7" x 9" described in Last Minute Patchwork, but still seriously adorable. Also, I love that the last step in the book is "Hug elephant!"

I was really guessing on the size of the ears, and the first time I made them, they were probably only half this big, and they looked ridiculously tiny. I redid them, and I think they're a bit on the too-big side this time, but in a cute, Dumbo sort of way.

Most of the pictures I took look more like this, as someone seems to think that everything with stuffing inside belongs to her. (Have you seen what a couch cushion looks like on the inside? ...I have! Yay!) (Disclaimer: No stuffed elephants or boxer-dogs were harmed during the shooting of this photo.)


  1. Hey! That's cute -- a dainty porcelain like elephant! Good work. :) I love the big floppy ears...that's the best part about an elephant!

  2. Thanks, Amber! I agree - the floppy ears have grown on me and are seriously adorable!